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We achieved significant success with a bestselling author, businesswoman, and business mentor, who sold 23 packages of her high-quality services and earned $57,000 in 60 days.

She expanded her email list by 1,873 people during the 60-day period (and now has 7,000 subscribers), her landing page conversion rate increased by 42%, and she secured 23 sales for her exclusive coaching program.

We have now automated the sales funnel to keep it running and generating sales.

You can read the full report here.

A permanent makeup artist achieved excellent results with advertising costs of $1,488 in 30 days.

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This case study demonstrates how we earned an online life coach $45,000 in 30 days.

The coach's landing page achieved an outstanding conversion rate of 49%. She booked 61 sales calls in 30 days at $15 per call and sold her exclusive coaching program to 13 people.

Learn more about this case here.

Here's how an online business coach earned $24,000 in 60 days.

We achieved outstanding results for her. Freebie traffic increased by 650%, her ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) was 9.6, she got webinar registrations for $1.99. Meanwhile, the number of booked calls increased by 320%, and the landing page conversion rate was raised to 58%.

Read the full report here.

"I had lost all faith that an actual Facebook Ads STRATEGIST even existed after pouring thousands of dollars into other gurus and agencies that ultimately made empty promises --- there was no strategy and I vowed to NEVER work with anyone on Facebook Ads again. 

 Then, Samantha whizzed into my FB Feed one day with her own refreshing ad. She had a real conversation with me and for the first time, I felt we FINALLY found the STRATEGIC ads partner we were looking for.  

Her copywriting was ON POINT. Her imagery was ON POINT. Her heart and care about my business as if it were her own was ON POINT. 

 I am serious when I say that I rarely had edits or suggestions --- she LED me in the process and it felt GOOD. I'm kinda gushing right now I know --- but it is all true. 

 Samantha has restored my faith in an area of my business I had grown to hate. She served well, connected us with hundreds of new leads, and made us BETTER. Work with her and her team --- you won't regret it!"   

Jessica Stafford, The Bottom Line CPA. 

“Samantha’s support was much more than I expected. She was very generous with the information and tips she shared, including a personalized strategy for my sales funnel and the right ad strategy for my business. 

I walked away with increased clarity and focus about the next steps I needed to take in my business, plus actionable steps to implement right away. Samantha was also very responsive in answering any follow-up questions I had, including making herself available to me live to help troubleshoot questions I had with ads manager. 

I’m really pleased with Samantha’s support and definitely recommend her!” Erica G. Craig

“Samantha, Your knowledge about FB ads and funnels is impressive! Your strategy works! 

You have been extremely helpful in giving me a clearer idea of my audience. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my videos and having a funnel sequence. 

I will definitely use your services again!”

Celia Sasser – Celia Sasser Interiors

“Samantha is a hard worker who consistently delivers great work. She innately understands online marketing and had some great ideas for us. 

Samantha quickly understood what we wanted (she helped refine our social media strategy, brand messaging and web copy). She’s an excellent writer and she very easily said exactly what I wanted to say, only better. 

We were impressed at how she broke down hard-to-explain concepts into easy-to-understand language. She’s definitely the best we have worked with. We look forward to working with her again. 

Aaron L. Daley – Irene’s Bakery Ltd.

“After ONLY ONE session with Samantha, my online marketing strategy was refocused and I had very specific goals to work on in order to begin my marketing campaigns and was very responsive to my follow-up questions. 

I look forward to continuing to grow my business knowing that Samantha is there when I feel stuck. YAY!”

Valeriya Slavnic – The Light in You

“You helped me get more clarity on the message I’m trying to get to the world and made the whole website and funnel thing seem much less intimidating. 

I actually gained some major motivation on ways to fix my site so thank you very much!!” 

Leslie Hodgins – Authentically Leslie

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